If you wish to book 2 hours, simply select both boxes that you want to reserve in the same screen

If you would like to book more than 2 hours, please call us at 858.598.5101 and we’d be happy to help find a tee time for you.

We strongly suggest parties greater than 5 reserve 2 simulators. If you would like to reserve 2 simulators next to each other, please contact us in advance so our events team can go over your visit (a deposit may be required for side-by-side reservations).

30-minute sessions are available as walk-ins only.


Mon – Fri: Open to 4p Early Bird
Mon – Fri: 4p to Close Prime Time
Sat- Sun: All Day Prime Time

Early Bird Rates

1/2 hour $25
1 hour $40

Prime Time Rates

1/2 hour $30
1 hour $50