Before proceeding, please ensure you are intending to book a simulator at our RANCHO BERNARDO location.

To make a reservation, VIEW CALENDAR BELOW  to search for your desired day, time, and duration of your reservationPlease note, we DO NOT BOOK MORE THAN 14 DAYS in advance (unless for a private rent-out of the entire facility).

Once you have selected your reservation details, you will be prompted to create an account. This will only need to be done once as you will use this login information for future reservations. IF YOU OPT OUT OF ALL EMAILS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL! 

Billing information is required, but you will not be charged ahead of time. This is strictly for our no show/cancellation policy which you can find HERE. IF YOU OPT OUT OF EMAILS, YOU ARE STILL LIABLE FOR THE NO SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION FEES.

WE HAVE A MAXIMUM of 8 GUESTS PER SIMULATOR (including non-players). An additional fee of $20 each guest over maximum will be applied. 


30 MINUTES  (Please note, 30-minute reservations are available as walk-in only.) $35
60 MINUTES $65
90 MINUTES $100
120 MINUTES $130
CLUB SET RENTAL (D, 4H, 5-PW, SW, P) $10


We strongly recommend reservations for use of the simulators.

Monday: 4pm-10pm
Tuesday: 4pm-10pm
Wednesday: 4pm-10pm
Thursday: 4pm-10pm
Friday: 4pm-11pm
Saturday: 11am-11pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm